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  1. radioguy224


    so in new milford hospital system the color code is 0 and then when i put it in my scanner it comes up with color code 7 so i am looking to see what is the correct color code
  2. DoctorZ

    Custom Built Model PIROD Radio Communications Tower

    I had this beautiful tower custom built for my basement model railroad layout. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoLtBqbjjmo Enjoy!
  3. N

    Rocky Mount, NC CSX Yard Repeater Machine

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLwxR-X_o9A When no trains are running, why not listen to cars get switched around? Yes, this is a true repeater machine operation for switching, the input channel the conductor and engineers transmit into is 160.290 and once it goes through the machine it spits...
  4. SCPD

    Alamogordo upgrading to better communications

    Officers and other city services relie on critical communications throughout the day and night. A go ahead on upgrading the system was given by the Alamogordo city commission. Various p25 voting sites will be installed and added. Read further with good photo in article. The project will cost a...
  5. C

    Warren County PD Encrypted Channel

    Was reading the news on lehighvalleylive.com today and stumbled upon this. Warren County is adding a encrypted channel for "sensitive situations". My question is they do not operate on a trunked or digital system. Is that even possible with such a system? Warren County adding new encrypted...
  6. M

    Wisconsin Wing - WIWG - Civil Air Patrol

    Wisconsin Wing - Civil Air Patrol - Repeaters Repeater Locations: R01 – Northwest WI – near Duluth, MN (MN Wing) R14 - Northwest WI – near Cable R23 - Northwest WI – near Rice Lake R56 - Northeast WI – near Eagle River R17 – Northeast WI – near...
  7. K

    Los Angeles, CA - Communications system faces more challenges

    L.A. police and fire communications system faces more challenges - Burbank Leader
  8. fwfdengine2

    Eden Prairie Communications

    From the looks of the status on the Eden Prairie Police and Fire feed saying "THIS FEED IS DONE!" I think there is a great chance that it's not coming back online. Is there someone else that would be willing to host the feed? EP-FMAIN EP-FGND1 EP-FGND2 EP-FGND3 EP-FGND4 EP-PTRL1 Thank you...
  9. ffryan76

    Floyd County fire deartment to opperate fulltime on Safe-T

    The rural departments in the county have elected to start training with the Indiana Safe-T radio system in February. Beginning in March, Departments will still be dispatched on VHF but will be operating on the 800mhz system. Department will be utilizing the digital side of this system with each...
  10. murrayustud

    Murray's radio desk (KI4DCR)

    Ok, gang, here's my setup... 5 Motorola Maxtracs, 3 VHF, 2 UHF 2 CDM 1250's One 42-50mhz, one VHF 1 Icom V8000 1 Alinco 220mhz DR235 1 Pro 96 1 Alinco DJ280 (220mhz) 1 Realistic Pro 2006 1 realistic DX 302 HF receiver 2 Motorola Minitor 3's VHF 1 Motorola MTS2000 VHF 2 linked...
  11. ONTScan

    Comms Tower

    The more I get into scanning, the more aware I have become of communications towers. I have noticed this one tower but am unable to determine who's tower it is and what comms operate off of this tower. Address: 571-579 3rd Rd East, Stoney Creek, ON Co-ordinates : 43.205895, -79.729886 (if you...
  12. 2

    Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) ???

    What is this? Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) Tri-Cities Communications (Greeneville) Trunking System, Greeneville, Tennessee - Scanner Frequencies Is that business? It's not police or fire, I know that for sure. If anybody can clue me in, please let me know. I'll monitor those...