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    Confused about P25 Phase 2 system

    I am looking into to buying a police scanner. The areas I would be using it in (Knox, Blount, and Sevier counties in Tennessee) seem to use the P25 Phase II system. I understand that the scanner would have to be compatible with this system. While researching online I saw that the phase 2...
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    Baofeng BF-888 Programming thru Chirp to Match CLS1110

    I was given a Baofeng BF-888s to try out and I'm having trouble getting it to work with the CLS1110's we have at work programmed to 464.550 which is one of the pre-programmed freqs that comes stock on the CLS1110's. I have installed Chirp's latest build (as of today) and I have a genuine Baofeng...
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    Compatible Software for BC346XTC

    I have the "new" BC346XTC scanner, but I want to programming it using my computer. The problem is, I can't find any compatible software. I have tried FreeSCAN and bcTool, but they do not work. The BC346XTC is pretty much the same as the BC346XT, but just has different battery requirements...