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  1. R

    Out of band config

    Hello, Anyone know how to edit config files in CPS to allow a PD782 to operate below 450 MHz? I'm looking at 400 to 430... Thanks
  2. R

    VX2200 - Default Settings

    I recently purchased a VX2200 to use in my Side-by-side. I am curious about a couple things and hoped this would be a good place to get information. 1) What is the factory default settings for the configurable buttons and channel frequencies? 2) I have read quite a bit about programming it...
  3. L

    Nothing but static (pops and clicks), using darkice

    I think I'm close here, I can get the feed to go online, and I'm not getting any error messages, but I am getting pops and clicks of static and nothing else. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong here? I'm including my darkice configuration file. The stream is located at Kingston Peninsula...
  4. O

    SDR# + Configuration Problem

    I am trying to run SDR# version on a Hewlett Packard laptop with four gigabytes of ram. My dongle is a NooElec R820T SDR & DVB-T NESDR Mini (RTL 2832U). I can see the waterfall. I can see peaks. But all I hear is low frequency static punctuated by squeals and squeaks. When I click...
  5. K


    Quick question guys: I run my scanner from a remote PC, which when the power goes out or I need to restart it, it automatically loads my feed and Win500 and starts Remote monitoring upon boot-up. Problem is, there are a few settings that I want it to have loaded when it starts up, but they...