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control channels

  1. K

    Reverse Control Channel for Mobile Phone?

    Do contemporary digital phones transmit information (such as the ESN and MIN) on a "Reverse Control Channel" (as part of the registration process perhaps)?
  2. R

    City of Midland Phase II TRS

    Did I miss something when on vacation last week. On 7/6/2018, I was decoding and logging the TRS with Unitrunker. I get back and noticed was really quiet. Turned squelch to zero, and seems to be no control channel anymore. Anyone have a better idea if this is user error, or did something...
  3. G

    Owensboro Ky Control Channel

    Been receiving Owensboro P25 in Morganfield. For some reason that I control channel has change to 852.31250 not 853.8375, On the 582.3125 control channel I'm receiving STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois and sometime I hear Owensboro sometime.When receiving the display show the talk group ID for ISP...
  4. MasterScan40

    Pro197 Control Channels Confusing

    When I'm in the TUNE search, I found 5-6 control channels all get 99% on reception. Are they bleed over from control channels? These are after a main control channel. I was using a PRO2096 - now I'm using a PRO197. The 96 can't get the control channels in but the 197 can... This does this...