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control head

  1. zacabo

    XTL 5000 & W3 Control Head?

    I have an XTL5000 800MHz that is headless. There are two db25 pin connectors on my radio. Is the XTL5000 capable of working with the W3 head? Has anyone had any success in making this work?
  2. BlueDevil

    PM1500 Control Head Lights

    The indicator lights and the backlight on my Motorola PM1500 Control Head do not seem to be working. Any ideas?
  3. S

    "PP" displayed on TK-5710 control head

    I was attempting to see if a control head was functional with a known working radio. I attached the power, remote cable, and ground. When I turned on the radio I saw all the normal LCD options flash and then a PP appeared in the upper left corner of the display. Soon thereafter it shut off. This...
  4. KK4LQX

    ASTRO Spectra Control Head Interchangeability

    Hello All, My question is a simple one with what I expect to be a complicated answer. Are different styles of Motorola control heads interchangeable? For example If you have a radio with an ID number that indicates a W9 head will a W7, W5 or W4 head work with it? My first reaction was no...
  5. C

    Seek Delta SX Heads

    Hi: I bought a couple of these puppies sans control heads and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could find some. Thanks, Steve KA1ZFY