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  1. K

    Local emergency services switching to narrow band?

    Just heard an informational page from the local emergency services dispatch that said: "all radios and pagers must be brought in tomorrow for the switch to narrow band". Can someone tell me what that means? Will I still be able to listen to my local agencies' radio traffic? Thanks!
  2. C

    Attn r2500 & r20 owners, a ?

    Hope I'm in the right group. Here's my question: I have a R20 and use the icom software for it and have a saved "icf" file for configuration. I just received a R2500 and am meddling my way through getting acquainted with it. Does anyone know if a R20 icf file can be imported into the R2500...
  3. kc7gr

    Converting Orion low-band: Almost there...

    Good eve, I'm almost there in terms of converting my Orion low-band to 6 meters. My thanks to those who helped me figure out .SC4 files. I'm still running into few sticking points, though. Help with these would be appreciated. (1) I'm using ProGrammer version R19, since that's what these...