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  1. S

    UHF Repeater Coverage Question

    I am a new HAM and am so excited about it, I want to put up my own 25 - 45 watt repeater for close group use in UHF band. I would be getting a good 10' antenna with 9 db gain. The good thing is I live on a hill. The problem is the hill is in the middle of canyon. The canyon ridges are about 1-2...
  2. S

    State Wide Radio GPS Ranges

    Just made an KML file for Google Earth showing all of the tower sites and the 25 mile range assigned to each. If you drive with a GPS attached to your scanner you will find lots of holes where nothing will scan. I'm currently working on revamping some of the sites so they will have larger...
  3. B

    Pro-164 1.09 firmware with new coverage addendum

    Hello everyone im new here i just purchased a pro-164 from rs on sale sold my 97 and 94b anywho new unit has firmware 1.09 on it 1.08 is current on website has a updated frequency change update current -------------------------------------------------- new 764.000-766.996875...
  4. ST-Bob

    Geotag overlap and options

    Since the advent of GPS-aware scanners geotag data has become important to RR and scanner users. The concept is brilliant but I question the execution. For example, Massachusetts has a large multi-user Motorola SmartZone system for the Mass State Police and other subscribing entities. This...