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  1. M

    CREST Greater Victoria Police Scanner Recording

    Hello fellow RR folks, I'm looking to see where I can find an archive of December 30th, 2013. I need to verify something I may have heard. Thanks!
  2. Regent

    Need some help to program my BCD996XT Scanner

    I bought a BCD996XT Scanner with the Victoria Police talk group already on it. I would like to add two more talk group, the BC Ambulance & Fire Departments. I don't want to lose the info already on the scanner. The trunk system is "Motorola Type II SmartZone" "Capital Region Emergency Services...
  3. K

    California Highway Patrol to crack down on unsafe motorcyclists on Angeles Crest

    California Highway Patrol officers will be combing the Angeles Crest (2) Highway on Sunday as part of a motorcycle safety enforcement campaign. *snip* Highway Patrol to crack down on unsafe motorcyclists on Angeles Crest - Burbank Leader check out this vid...