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    American Cruise Lines

    Does anybody have experience on this line? Since they're pretty much inland and coastal cruises, I'm wondering if they have radio issues. Can't find much on their website. I can't positively confirm, but believe that they use normal US business band UHF freqs for onboard/admin. comms. I think...
  2. C

    Carnival Dream Frequencies

    I will be going on the Carnival Dream on the July 16, 2017 cruise. I will be purchasing a baofeng radio before the cruise. A. What baofeng radio will I need to purchase to use on the cruise ship? Which radio has the best use for the cruise? B. What frequencies will I need to program into the...
  3. S

    Port of Cozumel Radio Frequencies

    I am going on a cruise in December and i have been unable to find the radio frequencies for the Port of Cozumel thus far. I need some help from the community in finding this information. I of course have a scanner that has all the marine channels built into it so i will be able to scan those...
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    Skagway Alaska Area Frequencies

    Skagway Alaska Area Frequencies WQDL655 - White Pass & Yukon Route (Railroad) ( wpyr.com ) (Used by the train crew workers and golf cart to transport cruise passengers back to ship dock area.) 451.3000 - ctcss 179.9 - Ch.1 ? 451.4500 - ctcss 179.9 451.7250 - ctcss 179.9 456.3000 - ctcss 179.9...