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cutoff transmission

  1. A

    BCD436HP Reception/ transmission Issue

    Hi all, I have had my BCD436HP for several months now and have noticed missed transmissions as well as not hearing the beginning of transmissions. I live in a pretty wooded area using simulcast in northern RI and typically listen to a P25 trunked system. I notice this issue quite often even...
  2. J

    audio cuts out

    I just bought Uniden BCD396XT. When it receives audio the beginning is cut off or sometime the end of the sentence is cut off. It is hard to understand what people are saying. I have good signal strength. Is there some type of delay setting that I can adjust?
  3. L

    BCT15X, Audio Cut-out on Scan. Possible Cause

    I was listening intently on my Bearcat BCT15x yesterday and Noticed the audio would cut out, and it seem to be the same interval every time. Went googling around and noticed i wasn't the only one having this problem. Upon reading further i noticed a connection. The Priority Scan function seem to...
  4. MedicDavid78

    Pro-164 skipping transmissions??

    I am hoping that somebody can help me with this issue I am having... I'm trunking a Motorola Type 2 SmartZone system and for some reason in the middle of transmissions the audio cuts out for a second or 2 and comes back on, causing me to miss an entire address or half a Driver License #, just...
  5. S

    Pro 107 and Airband help

    Im a newb thats just getting back into scanning. I got the pro 107 because it had great reviews for covering the airband and here in DFW i have alot of military air traffic. my question is what frequencies do I need to input into this thing to monitor the airband.