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cuyahoga county

  1. E

    Trunking - Phase I & II - questions :)

    Hi! I was raised in a home where my Dad always had police scanners, even with crystals etc. I'm interested in getting a trunking scanner for the house. I'm not too familiar with them, nor the Phase type etc. I can tell you what I'm looking for - I live in Ohio, near Cleveland in suburb. Is it...
  2. J

    East Cleveland, OH

    I have a BCD325P2 with a RS 800mhz antenna. A few days ago I was able to briefly listen to 155.1300 which is a conventional frequency. A member has been trouble shooting with me to see why I can't pull this frequency in. Please help
  3. JerryNone

    Cuyahoga County Page. System ID 348

    Does anybody know what this means? I saw that the page was updated and when I hovered my cursor over the update date; the Comment(?) Box displayed a System ID of 348. System IDs are usually used for Trunked Radio Systems, right? Which one is System ID 348 for?