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  1. R

    BCD536HP: D-Star on BCD536

    I have purchased the Digital Voice upgrade for my BCD536 but I am unable to hear anything on the D-Star Ham Radio Frequencies. Any Ideas?
  2. R

    Decoding D-Star

    Has anyone had any success in compiling DSD to decode the mode 'D-Star'? I know for a fact that the DSD+ version will not decode the audio but only show scrambled text. Would I be better off with Windows or Linux for this? Or does anyone have an working Windows version that they would wish to share?
  3. K

    D-Star User buys CSI 700 DMr and needs help

    I live in south Florida, north of West Palm beach, and I have been on D-Star for a few months and I really like it. However, i do get to talk to Hams from all over the world on D-Star, and many have DMR as well. I hear that DMR could be better than D-Star, but I wanted to see for myself, so I...
  4. beischel

    DStar at the Dayton Hamvention

    Dayton will have another huge DStar presence this weekend. Please join the hundreds of DStar users visiting the Dayton Hamvention at the DStar activities, meet-and-greets, forums, and vendors. Here’s the updated list of activities at the Dayton Hamvention® All items are subject to change...
  5. beischel

    If you are looking for a non-Icom DStar Radio

    Then take a look at what these folks have created. Taking orders now for a Q3 ship. Not just DStar. Shows that DStar is not proprietary and not restricted to Icom. Anyone can create and sell DStar equipment. NW Digital Radio
  6. rfsparkz


    Hello, Has anyone tried to monitor Amateur Radio D-STAR systems with the Uniden BCD396T scanner? Thanks Russ
  7. T

    NEW Amateur Radio "D-STAR Radio Scanning Net On Sunday At 10:30 PM EDT, Reflector 1C

    NEW Amateur Radio "D-STAR Radio Scanning Net On Sunday At 10:30 PM EDT, Reflector 1C On Sunday Evening, August 29, 2010, I launched the D-STAR Radio Scanning Net. We plan to meet weekly on Amateur Radio: D-STAR Reflector 1, Module C at approximately 10:30 PM EDT, after Connie's Ozark...
  8. G

    Icom ID-880H: What 3rd Party GPS to use?

    I want to do some D-Star operation with GPS positioning (I'm a D-Star newbi, but think it could be useful during SAR ops). I have a new Icom ID-880H on the way, and I need to obtain a "3rd party" GPS receiver/antenna for input during mobile operation. I would appreciate input which would...
  9. BamaScan

    Uniden decode D-Star ?

    Will any of the new Uniden Scanners decode D-Star Ham Radio ? I know Icom has a scanner that will. Does Uniden ?