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data cable

  1. jacktextor

    USB PC/IF Datacable Driver ???

    I have an RS 164 and running Windows 7, my data cable is an RS20-047. Im needing the cable driver for my new laptop. It can not be found here GRE America Inc. Any help would be great! Jack
  2. SCPD

    BCD396XT: Micro USB programming cable?

    As the title states: is the data cable / programming slot on the BCD396XT & BCD996XT a micro USB connection? I have a new BCD396XT that will be here Monday and noticed they come with a DB9 cable which is fine for most of my ancient PC's but want to be able to program via my laptop which is USB...
  3. RandyBonin

    BC125AT Data Cable

    My dog chewed the data cable on my BRAND NEW BC125AT. Actually, into 12 separate pieces! I do not understand her reasoning behind dissecting it into short sections. Guess that's just a dog for you. Where can I get one, short of paying $30.00 for one? Thanks, Randy