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  1. S

    DKFR Freq.

    Hi all, Does DKFR transmit their dispatch on a VHF channel at all? I would like to program a VHF minitor pager if they still have a VHF channel that activates pagers with tones. If they still do not have this infrastructure in place, can someone tell me more about their alerting system? I...
  2. F

    DeKalb Fire Rescue and Emory

    Hey all. Looking for the frequency for DeKalb County Fire Rescue dispatch and operations. Also looking for the Emory University Police Department frequency. Thx.
  3. S

    Dekalb P25 TRS need help

    Does anyone have a current scan of Dekalb's P25 system? I am trying to id the control channels, System id, WACN, RFSS, and site. I know these are already posted in the database, but something appears to have recently changed as my radio will not pick up the system anymore.
  4. mg770

    Uniden BCD396T

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy the Uniden BCD396T. I live in Dunwoody,GA which is part of Dekalb county. I owned this scanner before as a trial but had to return it until I can find out how to program it better. So... Dekalb county has 5 precincts that all operate on the same dispatch. My...