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denver police

  1. K

    EDACS and P25 ll

    Hello, I'm new to scanning and I've been listening online for a long time. I am wanting to get my first scanner. I've been trying to do my research and find a scanner that scans EDACS and P25 ll for (Denver, and Adams counties). Does anyone have some pointers on a good scanner for both systems...
  2. M

    DPD TGs Get Much Use?

    I've been using my BCD436 to tune into the Denver Police from Lowry for the last few weeks. I haven't heard much of any activity except on the dispatch frequencies? I'm not sure if that traffic (gang task force, detectives etc.) is now mostly on their Nextel's or if my rubber duck is part of the...
  3. D

    DPD Call Signs

    Hey, I've been listening to the DPD scanner, and I can't quite get the callsigns. I know the first digit is the district, not sure what the other digits are. And I don't know what the letter at the end means either. Could anybody explain the different callsigns? Thanks.
  4. Scan-Denver

    Denver Police Involved Shooting Audio

    I have a recording of yesterdays Denver Dist 6 officer involved shooting. If anyone is interested, send me an email and I'll send you the play list file (120 bytes - very small) which will activate your default media player and access the the audio file on my server.
  5. Scan-Denver

    Denver Dist 3 Foot Pursuit

    Recording of Denver Dist 3 Foot Pursuit Recording of radio communications as Denver Dist 3 officers pursue a suspect on foot.