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  1. J

    Yet another scanner desense discussion

    I've been lightly dabbling in ham radio for a couple months and the first thing I got was 30 dollar analog Uniden scanner off of eBay. Since then, I got some other antennas, built a J-pole, and have a little Baofung HT I've been using with chirpw. Probably going to get a digital trunking scanner...
  2. ladn

    Alinco DR-610 Desense

    I have an Alinco DR-610 that I've had for years and now use it as a backup/portable base radio. I've noticed that in weak VHF signal applications, the left side of the radio has good sensitivity, but the right side of the radio has decreased VHF sensitivity on the same frequency. I've tested...
  3. B

    Recommendation - use Notch or Bandpass for desense

    Good Evening All! I need a little input on a small issue with desense occuring in a VHF repeater system at a site with no other equipment other than a 900mhz SS link radio for telemetry control at a tank site on a 1600'ft hill. Here are the spec's: -Vertex VXR-7000 running at 50-watts out...
  4. M

    PAR FM Broadcast Filter with PSR-600

    I was getting fuzzy audio in the background on most 2m ham and 155 mHz police transmissions from a 50,000 watt fm broadcaster around 10 miles away. I bought a PAR fm filter from Grove, and the difference in receive sensitivity has been amazing. The distorted audio has disappeared, and signal...