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  1. K8CPA

    Need help with my scanner...

    Guys, I've picked up a Bearcat BCT536HP and I have alot of local stuff around here in it. The problem is there's a lot of digital stuff and it's not in digital format in the database. I shot a video, so you all would understand what I am talking about...
  2. P

    No Wildcards please

    Hello All, Pete from Detroit here with my first post. I have a Radio Shack Pro 96, and am trying to listen to the local police and fire, ONLY. I used the copy of Win 96 that i bought to program the sites for my location, and all of the talkgroups that I want. Unfortunately I am getting a bunch...
  3. A

    Detroit Scanner Freqs and Radios

    Hi All, The live stream for Detroit Police Department is down, and has been for a while: Detroit Police Live Scanner Audio Feed I am a licensed amateur radio operator and member of our neighborhood radio patrol. I would like to monitor this, and potentially bring a feed back online. I...
  4. B

    Help a newb fine tune?

    Hello, I just got a RadioShack pro-106... I've tuned in a bank for Detroit, and Livonia. My question is how do I lockout certain talkgroups that I do not want to hear? And 2, what's the best way to hear Livonia PD? I'm about 20 miles from Livonia but I have family there so I'd like to hear...
  5. B

    5 Detroit Firefighters Injured in 2nd alarm fire

    Courtesy WXYZ TV: DETROIT (WXYZ) - Five firefighters have been injured in a fire on Detroit’s southwest side. The firefighters were injured in a building fire on Oakwood boulevard near Dix. They responded to the fire around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning and were injured due to falling bricks. Fire...
  6. B

    Any open GMRS repeaters in Detroit Area?

    Just wondering if there are any open GMRS repeaters still operating in the Detroit area. I have researched this question several times and have come up with conflicting info.
  7. B

    Detroit house fire

    Detroit Firefighters responded to a fully involved house fire at Holden & Commonwealth. The fire was brought under control within 1 hour and the house was a complete loss. Due to heavy fire conditions in the attic and 2nd floor, firefighters were required to take a defensive approach. You can...
  8. B

    Detroit Commercial Building Fire

    Here's a new video of a commercial building fire in Detroit. 3/24/2011 YouTube - Fire Rips Through Commercial Building In Detroit
  9. B

    Detroit Commercial Building Fire

    Just before midnight on 3/24 Detroit Firefighters were dispatched on a still alarm to the area of Horatio & Cicotte for smoke in the area. First arriving companies found a commercial building fully involved and requested a full box alarm assignment. The building was a complete loss and no...
  10. B

    2nd Alarm Fire In Detroit

    Just after 4:30 March 19th a fire was reported in a warehouse located near Gratiot & French Road. Engine 50 was 1st due and immediately declared the fire "doubtful". Shortly after that, Battalion Chief 9 requested a 2nd alarm. Fire quickly spread through the 1500' X 500" warehouse that media...
  11. B

    Video: Grosse Pointe Shores 4 alarm fire

    A massive fire destroyed a large up scale home in Grosse Pointe Shores. Click the link below to see video from the scene. YouTube - 4th Alarm fire in Grosse Pointe Shores
  12. B

    Police & Fire scene video

    Hi fellow Michiganders! Just wanted to give a shameless plug for my YouTube channel. You will find scene video of fires mainly in Detroit and several Police situations. Have a look and feel free to comment. BTW- I make no profit on any of this video, it's just a hobby. YouTube -...
  13. K

    RS Pro-528 Analog Scanner still good for Detroit?

    Just got this radio as part of a trade/sale. Will this handheld work for scanning Detroit precincts? If not, I'd appreciate any suggestions from the forum on what it will take to start listening to the Detroit cops again. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  14. WU8Y

    Detroit police to dive back into precincts

    From the Free Press, 2 January 2010: I wonder how this move will affect the DPD's talkgroups on the MPSCS. Detroit police to dive back into precincts | freep.com | Detroit Free Press
  15. F

    PRO-2096 bank setup question? How to locate nearest tower?

    I recently purchased a PRO-2096. I am looking to put Detroit PD in one bank, Detroit Fire in another bank and Detroit EMS in a third. Do I have to put the Primary and Secondary frequency in each bank along with their talkgroups id? Or do the primary and secondary frequencies go in just one bank...
  16. BuiltonAsus

    Thank God the Thug is in Jail

    (WXYZ) Judge Ronald Giles has ordered Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick into Wayne County Jail for violating his bond. WXYZ Link