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    Homeland Security Region X Mass Casualty Incident

    I was searching through the Ohio MARCS-IP talkgroups and noticed: Talkgroup 9092 = Homeland Security Region 3 Mass Casualty Incident Talkgroup 9093 = Homeland Security Region 6 Mass Casualty Incident My question are: 1. What are the regions? 2. What are the talkgroups for all...
  2. C

    DHS activity in Roanoke Valley

    I'm picking up activity on DHS freqs in the Roanoke Valley. Mostly dead-key X-mits and relay of weather reports. These are clearly tests. The system could be up and limping in a week or two. If you are capable of monitoring the DHS freqs in this area, please share any info you have. We need to...
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    GAO Department of Homeland Security - Ten Years After 9/11 Progress Review

    GAO Department of Homeland Security - Ten Years After 9/11 Progress Review [For Release on Wednesday, September 7, 2011] Since it began operations in 2003, DHS has implemented key homeland security operations and achieved important goals and milestones in many areas to create and strengthen a...