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digital encryption

  1. O

    Digital Decoding with an AOR AR3000A?

    I own an AOR AR3000A scanner receiver. Is there a digital decoding software package I can use with this classic radio? Is a radio from way back in the 90's compatible with DSD or DSD+?
  2. A

    Moreton Bay & Sunshine Coast QPS District Now Digital

    It's Official! Unfortunately Moreton Bay & Sunshine Coast QPS Districts are now digitally encrypted Apco 25 (P25). The switch was officially flicked at 11:30am Today 08/03/2016. It was only a mater of time before they where going to use there digital radios that were already installed waiting...
  3. K

    Springdale going digital

    Article in today's Morning News of Northwest Arkansas has the details. They are going to Kenwood Nexedge. The article is behind a paywall, but the gist is they are switching in the next 1.5 years after remodeling the dispatch center. There is a contradictory statement in the article regarding...
  4. B

    Windsor, ON new radios

    Hello, I'm new to the whole technical site of scanning. I was wondering if we can do anything here in windsor to pick up the PD. and I would like help programming the frequencies for Essex OPP, Windsor and essex fire, and ambulance. I cant seem to figure it out. (i know i'm a noob). I have a...