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  1. N

    Feed cutting out every few seconds

    Listening to RR on iPhone using Mobile Option. Feed just began cutting out after a few seconds of listening. Have to click on the Listen to Feed option to reconnect and then the issue occurs again. Feed is USA, Oregon, Portland, Multnomah, Sheriff and Police. Any ideas???
  2. SlipNutz15

    Constant Feed Disconnect/Reconnecting

    I recently moved my Juniata County, Pennsylvania Feed from my house with a cable modem with a wireless router to my ambulance station with a firewall and router. I am streaming multiple streams of the same stream that I'm sending to RR and they have NO problem but the RR streamer will connect...
  3. theshadowman

    Feed Problem

    I have two issues regarding my scanner feed. 1 - As I have posted previously, the scanner just disconnects without any indication given on my host computer. I get an email (thankfully) stating that I am 'offline' and then I have to go restart the software. 2 - Is there any way to permanently...