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  1. BlueDevil

    Motorola XPR8300 background noise/interference

    I have a Motorola XPR8300 VHF Analog Repeater without an external power amplifier that all of a sudden has a lot of background interference or noise. The repeater is on a mountain top however a long ways from any other transmitters. It is the only radio repeater at its location. It is used for...
  2. W

    Time Delay Affects P25 Simulcast Reception

    For those wanting to know what affects P25 reception see the article in the April 2014 issue of Mission Critical Communication magazine. The article titled "How Time Delay Interference Affects P25 Coverage" describes how simulcast signals sent from different sites can be distorted because of...
  3. J

    Distortion on line-in when using A/C adaptor through IMac

    Trying to stream my RS Pro 106 through my iMac. Going from headphone out of scanner to line in of iMac. Works fine when powered by batteries. When powered by A/C adaptor get severe background hum while streaming even when scanner is not on. Even get hum through computer speakers when not...
  4. B

    Audio distortion/hash on my feed

    I asked this before but never got an answer. My live audio feed of MIA airport seems to have distorted audio (not a humm, but some kind of distortion), especially on the lighter signals. If the audio is full quieting into the scanner, and hence into the computer, the distortion goes away. I...