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  1. N

    Michigan FreeSCAN files

    I see other state forums have FreeScan files (996) for different locations in the states such as NY,CA and IN. Example in the forum "Uniden 396xt/996xt Starter Freescan Files NC" Are there any files available for Michigan? I just returned to scanning after ten years. I see a lot has changed...
  2. B

    Uniden BCD396XT Memory Setup

    Hello All - I'm a long time lurker and seldom post but greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that exists here. I am located in "western" West Jordan. I recently acquired the 396XT. I am amazed how things have changed since the days of my BC245! I am not sold on the idea of combining...
  3. K

    DMA/System Organization Advice

    I have educated myself about DMA and Motorala SmartZone systems using various web resources and by tapping into the knowlwdge of local comm guys. I think I have a fairly decent understanding of Uniden's DMA and my local SmartZone system (Wake County, N.C. VIPER-- Scanner Frequencies: Voice...