1. MedicDavid78

    Catawba County area Ham Radio

    Hey y'all, For those Ham Radio enthusiasts (or Amateur Radio, as some prefer to call it) in or around Catawba County I have had BrandMeister DMR network create a Talkgroup for me and my group to use. We are all a group of local Firefighters, EMT's, Rescue Squad members, etc. It took me 10...
  2. W

    TYT MD-380 "Newer" Ohio Code Plug

    Does anyone have a newer code plug for the TYT MD-380 for Ohio than the one on All Ohio Code Plug which is now over a year old?
  3. acey049

    Niceville PD has gone digital

    Niceville PD in Okaloosa County has gone digital. They went with Hytera (models unknown) instead of Motorola for DMR. Not sure if they're going to eventually go encrypted, but it is picking up just fine with my Radioddity GD-77 in Fort Walton Beach after gathering the config with my SDR...
  4. w2xq

    Pi-Star v4.0 available

    Pi-Star 4.0 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) dated January 11 is now available in the beta downloads section of the website. It requires a new installation. An update from the Configuration tab of the Dashboard will not upgrade from the current v3.4.xx. See Amateur radio: Pi-Star notes for the easy...
  5. AB9NN

    DSD+ FL 2.155 Conventional DMR Decode in Scan Mode Sporadic

    Complete newbie. Two files attached - log files. Use three RTL SDRs and the following bat files: FMP24 -i2 -o20003 -P0.0 -s1 -b4 DSDPlus -e -fr -i20003 -o1 I have a scanlist and frequencies files populated and correctly formatted with the same frequencies obtained from here: Digital...
  6. D

    MD-380 Time slot shifting

    Hello all, I have an MD-380 with the latest Tytoolz firmware install and when trying to transmit on a given repeater frequency using slot 2, the radio will activate the talk group (e.g. 91 Worldwide) and I can moniter the conversations on that time slot, but it keys up as time slot 1, and...
  7. K

    SDS-100 DMR Upgrade

    I cannot seem to enter the DMR upgrade code into my SDS-100 from the keypad. Running 1.05.00 firmware /sub 1.01.05 Is there a secret to get the upgrade activated in the radio. Settings\Upgrade\Upgrade DMR\MotoTRBO\Input DMR/MotoTRBO Key. Radio will not accept any characters I enter on keypad...
  8. KF4TNI

    2018 Dodge Durango Install

    I installed a Motorola XPR5550 in my vehicle. I attached a handheld control head (HCH), which is kept the in the center console for easy storage. Radio chassis is mounted under the driver seat in a storage box. The vehicle battery is under the passenger seat in the same style box. I routed the...
  9. n9mxq

    Anytone mobile

    AT-D578UV Video Demo Download link* 3 short videos showing the mobile. Apparently available early 2019.. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. w2xq

    Review: Alinco DJ-MD5T Series DMR Radio

    HVDN Notebook: Review: Alinco DJ-MD5T Series DMR Radio From the Hudson Valley Digital Network, a comprehensive review of Alinco's new DMR portable is, IMO, an interesting read. A "teardown" article is forthcoming.
  11. JeffDS3

    DMR hotspot and APRS on one antenna

    I was thinking of installing a 600mw UHF DMR hotspot in my car and also A 10W VHF APRS tracker on my car (my mobile doesn’t have native APRS functionality nor do I want to tie it up with APRS). Is it possible to have them share an dual band antenna mounted on my trunk using a diplexer?
  12. B

    BCD436HP: DMR audio garbled

    I'm a recent owner of the 436, purchased the DMR upgrade. I'm trying to scan this system: ULS License - Industrial/Business Pool, Trunked License - WQWL713 - SHORELINE SCHOOL DISTRICT #412 - Location 2 When I scanned the frequencies as conventional, it revealed a CAP system with color code 11...
  13. T

    Mountain Communications

    Try to get more information. Looking for the individual that posted information (here) about the Mountain Communications - DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) system in use in Vail and elsewhere in Colorado. It appears (trying to confirm) that parts of the DMR/TRBO system are encrypted and parts...
  14. rvacs

    Most Popular Upgrades for Texas - NXDN/DMR/ProVoice

    Just wondering as I travel in Texas a bunch. What are the most important upgrades to get in Texas? Ex: SanAntonio uses ProVoice .. .... ..... When driving with GPS want to purchase upgrade(s) that are used the most for Public Safety (aka Police) Dallas/Ft. Worth area I know has a...
  15. JeffDS3

    LTE and DMR hotspot in car

    Has anyone here ever installed an LTE modem and/or DMR hotspot in a car? I’m looking to do both and I have some questions.
  16. zenno

    GD 77 Audio Problem

    Hello folks. I have received a Radioddity GD-77 just purchased, but the radio produces no audio on FM Analog and no audio on Digital DMR. I have the volume turned up to max and when I put it tight to my ear I can just about hear talk on all bands. I have looked in every single place on the...
  17. K

    New To Digital Voice

    Please forgive me if this topic is posted already. Recently (its been a couple weeks now) my home towns local PD made the switch to digital voice comms and now i believe my radio to be incapable of receiving their transmissions (now i just get a garbled machine sounding interference). I'm a...
  18. B

    Trouble with radioddity gd-77.

    Hello, I am having a problem with my new Radioddity GD-77, I have programmed it the right way (I've done my research) on the brandmeister network, and I have put my contacts into rx group lists and still no audio? My green led on top of the radio comes on but no audio, I have a local dmr...
  19. MedicDavid78

    DMR Repeaters in NC for Hams

    Does anyone have a decent list of DMR Repeaters in North Carolina for Hams, specifically linked systems or the like, similar to Brandmeister or DMR-MARC, etc. I an in NC and looking to talk to friends in other states. I have only found 1 or 2 DMR Repeaters for my area that can do that, but...
  20. B

    Uniden BCD436HP

    Looking for some good advice😏 I am newbie. Never owned a decent scanner. Just cheap $100 Base. I am now retired and want to get a good scanner to monitor local police, state police, Fire departments and emergency, utilities and DOT etc... I live in Indianapis Ind-Marion County. From...