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  1. M

    Standalone Device with Capabilities of SDR

    Pretty straightforward question: Is there a standalone device that can receive such a large spectrum as an RTL-SDR dongle? I'm new to radio usage in general, so I'm open to any suggestions that could make this post and future posts better.
  2. hydrasports

    Upgrading firmware for BCD536HP and Dongle?

    When upgrading firmware for both the BCD536HP AND the dongle do you use sentinel? When I go to Update at sentinel it say "Update Firmware" and it says "Update Master HPDB"? Is this where you go to upgrade both the scanner and dongle?
  3. MedicDavid78

    SDR Software??

    I just got my RTL-SDR dongle other day, brand new version 3... I am wanting anybody's opinions on which software if the best for my SDR dongle? Would like one with a good amount of features/options, but also has good options... Thanks all! :)
  4. NFR85

    BCD536HP: Wifi Unhandled exception Error

    I'm trying to setup the WiFi and I was going through a ton of threads and nothing helped. Below you will find what I have done 1. I cannot run as admin I don't know how I unzip the file and it loads does not ask me to run as admin. 2. I hit reset to Factory on the scanner while in "Wi-Fi...
  5. scaninnyc

    USB AUdio adapters

    So I bought some of those USB audio adapters that are all over eBay and I'm disappointed. There is a large amount of noise in them and I don't see how I can use them without getting hate mail from listeners. I tried direct connect and hub with no difference, the audio is terrible. Is anyone...