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  1. SCPD

    Newbie with a dumb question

    Greetings: I want to download a feed which is broken up into segments in the archive. I want to save the segments for about a day and a half. I downloaded the first segment and had no problem. When I went to download the second segment I was told that it had the same file name. I must be...
  2. W

    USAlert Pager Programming

    Is there a online programming software I could download? Thanks.
  3. R

    download database

    I have paid for the upgraded subscription and am still not able to download the database that I need. I have tried 3 different times to email your company to get a resolution to this problem. Can you help me to find a resolution, so that I can download the database that I need.
  4. M

    Police division 21 missing

    When I donwload the latest version of the database to my hp436bcd for Canada, Ontario, peel Police division 21 it is missing. The other divisions are present. The Radio reference site has it listed Peel Region Trunking System, Peel Region, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies, under 21 Division. How...
  5. allandunn

    Where to Download Latest SDR#

    I am using SDR# with a R820T dongle, but with (what I thought was) a recent download, I no longer get AM demodulation, either with the upconverter or going bareback into the aviation band. DSB works but hardly readable; AM demodulation is totally silent. I have gone into sdrsharp.com for a...
  6. B

    BCD396XT: Can I download from RadioReference w/ Ubuntu or Linux?

    Is Widows the only way to download/program my Uniden BCD396XT? Will Linux or Ubuntu work? Thanks for any help. Peace!
  7. avenger_jcc

    Downloading a entire day from the archive at once

    Hello. Does anyone know if there is a FTP site available to grab entire days of audio instead of half hour blocks when grabbing audio from the archives? I like to grab all the audio from a day, compress it to take out the dead air then listen to it all at once. Grabbing them one chunk at a time...
  8. lorddavid25

    Pro-107 iSCAN Download Available

    Good Day, If anyone is in need of the iSCAN Software it can be easily download. I myself needed the free software when my disc was scratched and I couldn't load it on a new PC. Ive posted it on my server with a short disclaimer. So Here it is and I hope this helps the people who need it. I...
  9. B

    ARC Computer Scanner?

    Back a few years ago I had software installed on my computer that would allow me to listen to multiple frequencies and also add new frequencies. This was all done through the internet, I am pretty sure that the software was made my ARC but I cant seem to find it anywhere on the net anymore. It...
  10. firefite

    Sitting here trying to download.......

    I’m a new pro member and I’m trying to download some trunk frequencies. I’m using arc250 basic and the uniden bc250d. I go to the page on Radio refrence and click on the upper right hand word “download and all that happens is it sends me to how to download which I read and go back to the page I...
  11. jacktextor

    Basic Frequency Download Question

    I hope this is the correct place to post this question. I'm using a Pro 164 and live in Des Moines, IA. I seem to be downloading the regular analog freqs fine and some of the trunked also. When choosing the freqs to download on the left side of the spreadsheet, do I also choose the talk...