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  1. screenersam

    Wicomico Emergency Drill

    Wicomico County 911 having emergency drill today @ SBY airport
  2. andy51edge

    Jenks Public Schools Emergency Drill

    Today Jenks Public Schools held an emergency drill. So I had a scanner recording the events and in the attached zip is 2 compiled MP3s of the radio traffic from today. JenksPS has a campus police channel and an "admin" channel. On the campus police channel the simulation starts at aprox 6:30...
  3. kg4ojj

    HazMat Drill - Alachua County/Gainesville, FL

    Ongoing hazmat drill with Gainesville Regional Utilities and Fire-Rescue at the Kelly Plant. Kelly Plant details https://www.gru.com/YourHome/ProductsServices/ElectricNaturalGas/kellyPlant.jsp I hear Fire-Rescue on Events talkgroup 34704.
  4. whiterabbit_medic

    MCI Bus Accedent Drill

    San Luis valley is currently conducting a MCI bus accident drill in Alamosa with involvement of most valley agencies including Alamosa FD, Alamosa ambulance, Alamosa Pd and SO, csp with reconstruction team, san Luis valley hazmat, Conejos ems, Costilla ems, Monte vista ems, and Flight for Life...
  5. k6scm

    FERC Drill @ Bullards Bar Resevoir Today 8-4

    All: Local news media announced a Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission (FERC) required "drill" to be conducted by the Yuba County Water Agency and allied agencies for a simulated dam failure. Emergency drill at Bullards Bar today | today, span, held - Local News - Appeal-Democrat Perhaps...
  6. A

    University of Washington Police Drill in Kane Hall on September 16th, 2008

    This message is being sent to all Students, Faculty, and Staff with the approval of the UW Police Department. University Police, in coordination with Seattle Police, will conduct a drill in Kane Hall on Tuesday, September 16, from approximately 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The drill will simulate a crime in...
  7. bReed11091

    Exercise at Battle Creek ANG Base

    For anybody interested, there is a training exercise being held for the Battle Creek Police Department at the Air National Guard base/Fort Custer. There are many local agencies involved, including the National Guard. Communication for this exercise is on both the 800MHz MPSCS system and the...