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  1. mojobreakfast

    GD-77 and Windows 10 USB driver issues.

    I have a GD-77 I bought a year ago and never got around to using. Firmware version of the radio is 2.6.3. So I want to finally program this thing. I plug in the programming cable into my Win 10 PC and the radio, turn the radio on, and in Windows Device Manager the radio shows up as "Unknown USB...
  2. F

    BCD536HP: W indows 7/64 Driver problem HELP

    I have a major problem with my BCD536HP, when I connect it to my computer HP windows 7/64 with the USB cable it use a driver called WPD FileSystem Volume Driver and the screen of 536 turn black, only solution is to power OFF and ON to return the 536 to life Just before the 536 screen goes...
  3. F

    BCD536HP: Driver problem with Windows 7/64

    I just bought a brand new BCD536HD and dowlnloaded the firmware upgrade and pay and install the DMR and Provoice upgrades When I want to connect the BCD to my computer W7/64 I entered in MASS STORAGE mode but the BCD is not seen by the Sentinel software I check Device Manager and see that...
  4. KC9WWJ

    Possible driver issue? Frequency correction issue, R820T2

    Alright, i have 6 SDR dongles. (Nooelec) 2 smaller black R820T sticks, and 4 larger blue R820T2 sticks. The problem I'm having is specific to the R820T2 units. I have, gotten unitrunker+dsd to follow trunked voice successfully, but I'm having frequency correction issues with the newer units. I...
  5. AlJones

    Programming the TYT Th-9800

    When I purchased my new TH-9800 it came with a cable branded TYT and a disk. I'm unable to load any software from the disk - it doesn't help that much of it is in Chinese!. Adding to that, the vendor says that it won't work under Windows 10 (or XP Sp3 apparently) When I plug in the cable...
  6. J

    RS Pro-197 Programming Issues

    Hello All, I just got a PRO-197 scanner as an early X-mas present! I was so excited when I got it home last night and started programming it. I am running into 2 problems though, even though I have been able to program a few frequencies on my own. I cannot get any software to interface with...
  7. M

    Problem with 20-047 cable drivers

    I'm trying to use a 20-047 cable with my Pro-96 to upload data from a Vista machine. I'm using Win96 to program it. I was able to download from the scanner to the computer, but I cannot upload from Win96 to the scanner. I have the correct port selected (COM4). I'm not using the 3-inch mono...