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  1. marksroberson

    Help with XPR7550 DMR RX

    I have a Motorola XPR7550 programmed up with local Public Safety and businesses, (RX Only of course) and I have been picking up DMR TGs on DSD+ and putting them in my contacts list so I can listen to them. I have had great success listening to them, but something isn't working... I have the...
  2. L

    DSDPLUS not decoding specific DMR marc repeater

    There is a specific repeater I tuned to on FMP24 but the decode is very bad but the signal itself looks sufficient and more than enough for dsdplus to decode. I have used different tuning options by using dsdtune and used different filtering options but in this recording I have I used 7.6 khz BW...
  3. P

    DSDPlus DSDPlus Starting Fresh

    I'd like to do a fresh start on DSD+FL. I got a couple of airspy units and had previously removed the airspy files from my setup. My first available update was 2.98, then 2.113, then 2.145, and now 2.155. I no longer have access to 2.98, 2.113, or 2.145. What's my best option to do a full...
  4. B

    DSD+ Filtering out Encrypted voice

    Hi, having a little trouble . New to SDR as our local services are cutting over to P25 , my local control channel has , police (encrypted), ambulance and fire ( not encrypted). My challenge is the scanner sometimes locks onto an encrypted trunk (police) and until that drops off I cant here...
  5. Q

    DSD+ - No Audio output

    I have installed AirSpy, VB Cable and DSD+ on my Windows 10 operating system. I checked to hear any normal audio signals using AirSpy, and I could perfectly hear the local HAM repeater. I then tune into a frequency having a digital transmission on Air Spy, and I pipe in the audio to VB Cable...
  6. T

    DSR and DSD Plus - Just want to listen to one target

    I can't seem to find anything regarding a setting in DSD+ to only listen to one target (talk group). Is there such a thing or is this a different plugin that has to be used?
  7. E

    Sdr & dsd+ dmr

    Hello everyone, I would like to monitor my DMR Mototrbo system that has built-in privacy settings, I have managed to monitor but I can not enter my privacy code to listen to the network traffic. Is there any way to do it using the command line ?. Thank you very much. Greetings.
  8. R

    Sdr console 3.0.2 dsdplus

    Has anyone been able to get dsd plus working on the sdr console. I've been poking at it for two weeks and can't seem to make any progress. If I open it from the dsd folder it will run but from console I get an error on the output audio. I'm not sure if I need to open two rx's (which is my...
  9. SCPD

    Decode Ham-DMR Voice Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

    I have been searching around for a way to decode Ham-DMR voice. I used to do it on Windows XP. Since Windows XP is deprecated I made the huge leap into Lubuntu 18.04.1 Bionic Beaver. Just so I can be up-to-date without buying new hardware. I've read about Wine running DSD+. The issue is Wine is...
  10. L

    DSDPlus Dsdplus request to surpress background noise DMR/Mototrbo

    Is it possible to surpress the weird/annoying background wind sounding audio in dmr when someone stops talking but is still keying up? It sounds like wind and it sometimes overcomes someone's voice on some comms usually for some reason the dispatchers. I have tried many advanced commands to...
  11. MedicDavid78

    DSD+ Error??

    Does anyone know what this means? I haven't seen it before in all the years I've been using DSD+ and UniTrunker... For some reason in the middle of decoding the tower next to mine showed in red and started displaying "ISOLATED" several times then started displaying "ISOLATED, FAILED". Does...
  12. MedicDavid78

    DSDPlus Lost

    Sorry but I don't know of a website or eMail I can send... My laptop crashed and lost all my data. How can I get the DSD+ people to re-send me my FastLane v2.98 files? It's not in my eMail either, strangely... Thanks!
  13. P


    Just wanted to give a shoutout to the author of DSDPlus. I *finally* took the 5 mins to insert my 2nd RTL-SDR v3 dongle and got trunking working. So far I have successfully and easily tracked a CON+ system (with frequencies manually entered) and a P25 site without issue! So...THANK YOU. This...
  14. B

    Digital decoding issues Unitrunker/DSD Plus

    Hi all, I am having issues with my digital on Unitrunker, I have it going from Unitrunker to a Virtual Audio Cable, then to DSD Plus, where am I going wrong as it won't decode properly and just sounds like static and only hear a few words that you can't even make out, is there anything else I...
  15. B

    DSD+ audio issues

    Hello, I setup dsd+ with a nooelec HESDR Mini I think its called, and I am trying to decode my local police station in Tracy, CA San Joaquin County (https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=221) and all I see is a lot of errors and invalids and all of that, and it is making the sound skip...
  16. AB9NN

    No Snc No Audio DSD+ and FMP

    No Sync No Audio DSD+ and FMP I am trying to decode NDXN from the Benzie Co Road Comission as listed here: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=1236 Frequencies are: 156.24000 and Input = 159.07500 I get "no sync" messages but it shows NDXN 9600 as on the attached print-screen...
  17. A

    Tetra decoding in DSD+

    Hi, today in my DSD+ FL 2.84 a new line appeared. What's this? it is a sign that in the future a tetra decoding function will be implemented?
  18. T

    DSD+ voice sounds horrible, lots of errors

    (((EditToAdd: Newbie replies are in purgatory, but upped a new pic of CPU running pretty low. Also, I wasn't clear, but I am using UniTrunker to feed DSD+. Also: With great thanks to mtindor I think I am wrestling with this...
  19. K

    DSD+ FL (2.39) vs DSD+ 1.101

    Hello, I have been having good success with DSD+ 1.101 with various 820T2 receivers. I recently upgraded to the Fastlane version, however, it doesn't work for me. I'm using this to monitor a multi-site DMR Con+ system. The receive in FMP24 looks fine, and the waveform in the receive window...
  20. L

    DSD+ P25 audio hard to understand

    On dsdplus the audio for p25 is decoding with very little errors and great but the audio quality of dsdplus for p25 doesn't sound good and sounds like the users are mumbling when talking and if I listen to a broadcastify version of someone broadcasting the same or similar system I am listening...