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  1. L

    DSD+ P25 audio hard to understand

    On dsdplus the audio for p25 is decoding with very little errors and great but the audio quality of dsdplus for p25 doesn't sound good and sounds like the users are mumbling when talking and if I listen to a broadcastify version of someone broadcasting the same or similar system I am listening...
  2. N1DDC

    DSD+ issue

    Hello folks! I'm having a little bit of an issue here. I have the subscription-based DSD+ FastLane w/ current version 2.39 and current FMP24 version. The issue I'm having is I can't seem to get the Over-the-Air Aliasing to work properly... My signal is good, no errors showing, and it's...
  3. rfjon

    Unitrunker P25 P1 No Audio

    Hi, So here is a new user question about Unitrunker. Configuration: Unitrunker v1.0.32.7 DSD+ v1.101 SDRSharp v1.0.0.1581 VB Cable v1.0.3.5 DSDTune v0.1.3 RS Pro-106 NooElec SMArt System: P25 Phase 1 Pro-106 set on Primary Control Frequency NooElec SMArt set with one VCO on voice; Tuner gain...
  4. B

    DSD / DSDPlus P25 Phase II

    Are there any immediate plans to implement P25 Phase II in either DSD or DSD+? If not, is there another decoder available?
  5. K0EKL

    No audio output from DSD+

    I'm attempting to use Unitrunker- and DSD+ 1.101 to monitor the "ARMER" P25 system in Minnesota. (I'm already using a Uniden BCD396T to monitor the same system.) I'm using a laptop running Win 10 64 bit with 8 GB ram. I have Unitrunker working with a single RTL SDR stick configured for...
  6. JEFCON-1

    Need help: Can't Get Good Audio on DSD +

    A newbie could really use some advice from a wiser forum member here. Apologies if this post is miscategorized. I believe this is a decoding issue, but the root cause actually may be a misconfiguration in Unitruker. Getting noise, and faint voice in the background. I got it to work once but...
  7. C

    HDSDR with a 820T2 dongel problems

    I have a 820T2 dongle connected with HDSDR on an HP laptop. I used ZADIG 2.2 drivers and then installed DSD+. The input is Cable A and the output is Speakers. When the radio comes up everything looks great. I tried 2M because I have a FT-60 and when I transmit Simplex it shows up on the sound...
  8. A

    Trunk Tracking with HackRF

    Hi there, TLDR; I have a HackRF and want to decode P25 and trunk track like a hardware scanner - what are my setup options vis a vis OS X , Windows or Linux New to the forum here so please be gentle : ) So I got a HackRF One at Christmas as I've loved fooling about with SDR dongles for ADSB...
  9. H

    Feature Request - Hytera XPT

    From the public release version of DSD+, there is a decoder named 'XPT'. I have been playing around with this for a while now and I havent really seen much change into it's functionality. What I would like to see is what Capacity Plus also provides which is Linked or single Sites. Can this be...
  10. S

    DSD+ Fast Lane v2.32 Released

    DSD+ Fast Lane v2.32: Several critical bugs have been fixed Decoding of additional NEXEDGE AVL messages has been added
  11. A

    FMP24 2.8 (DSD+ FastLane) -b parm issues

    I've observed the following with the latest FastLane FMP24 v2.8 dated 2016-05-16, using a NooElec 0.5PPM R820T SDR and the command-line: FMP24 -i2 -o20001 -P0.5 -g36.4 -b12.5 -f772.00625 -v10 -a1 -t1 -rc The -b option doesn't seem to work. 1. If I specify -b9.5 or -b12.5, it recognizes the...
  12. SamAltenberger

    DSD+ and MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

    Greetings all, My university uses an unencrypted MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus radio system that I am trying to monitor/scan using a spare Windows 7 computer with a RTL-SDR unit, SDR#, and DSD+. As far as I can tell, my university's radio system has four frequencies across two channels (Channel 1: Rx...
  13. M105

    DSD+ FastLane 2p10

    FANTASTIC! I can't wait to see if it follows my NXDN control channel when it changes at midnight. I also now have a 3 dongle setup monitoring both a P25 and NXDN system with a shared VC. Three copies of FMP24 and 3 copies of DSD+. Now if I can only figure out how to arrange the screen! ---...
  14. R

    DSDplus 2.8 + FMP24 tcp error

    Im currently using: DSDplus 2.8 FMP24 2.4 I cannot get DSD and FMP24 to establish a tcp link when trying to tune to a control channel. On the dsd CC side I get the error "TCP link version error" while on fmp24 CC i get "TCP error = 10053" I have attached a screenshot of the problem. Imgur...
  15. H

    DSD+ 1.101 works on all systems but this one!?!

    Hi all, I have a successfully configured DSD+ install using a RTL2832u + R820T SDR stick. All other systems decode successfully when I have a strong enough signal, but not this one. The problem is not with noise, as the signal is way above the floor. Based on my experience, it sounds like a...
  16. AggieCon

    Can't top 67% P25 decode rate with Unitrunker

    I'm fairly comfortable with Unitrunker and DSD+, and I've used the programs successfully for a number of systems. However, I can't achieve greater than a 67% decode rate for one of the local P25 Systems (https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=8227). The system is a 5 or 6 tower simulcast...
  17. adcockfred

    DSD+ 1.114 Configuration

    Problem 1 when using FMP was: freq data files not found I corrected file path Now it is Hung up on: Loading Freq Files... Anybody else had this issue?
  18. K

    Dsd plus (beating a dead horse)

    Hello I have dsd Plus installed i use a gre psr-500 with a tap on tp-4 when i start up dsd it decodes nxdn for 30 seconds then quits it will never decode dmr or p25 i have tride it on an xp laptop and on a dell laptop one with a sigmatel audio cand and the other with an hd audio card what could...
  19. mrscanner2008

    DSD+ new FastLane release 1.112

    DSD+ 1.112 New Features ----------------------- DSD+: Added per-call recording to MP3 files; use -Pmp3 on the DSD+ command line DSD+: Added detection and audio synthesis of MotoTRBO Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM) signals You can use the -1 and -2 command line options and the...
  20. K

    DSD+Error Message

    When I click on the "Start DSD" button in DSD+ I am getting the following error message. "Error - The system cannot find the file specified" Any idea what this may be since it doesn't say what file? I have installed the DSD, DSDPlus1p101, and DSDPlsuDLLs and the FMPA1p02 (since I'm using an...