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  1. rbwareham

    Anti-encryption Bill Introduced In Colorado

    A Colorado State Representative has introduced a bill to outlaw blanket encryption by state and local government entities. HB18-1061 was introduced on the opening day of the 2018 legislative session by Representative Kevin van Winkle, (R). The bill seeks to strike a balance between government...
  2. K

    FRS and Summer Break

    Hello I wanted to know if people notice that the FRS has a ton load of kids on it in the summer because of their break. Does anybody else notice this?
  3. alex4659

    Apd tg 19773

    Hi all, Ive reaceived a few confersations on Atlanta PD's talkgroup 19773, which is APD Unknown Surveillance. I think its there SWAT team channel? But i could be wrong??? Does anybody know what this talkgroup is and update it please? thanks, Alex
  4. dw2872

    El Paso county DTRS problems

    Fountain Police and Fire are having radio problems. Their mobile units can copy radio traffic but when some of them try to transmit, they are getting the "SITE TRUNKING" notification on their radios. It just started happening this morning and I have a suspicion that the problem is popping up...
  5. alex4659

    Gwinnett DTRS Question?

    Ive noticed that hall county SO is incrypted on the DTRS and so is gwinnett PD along with all the other city PD's. the only difference is that hall county DTRS sheriffs office is in the database but Gwinnett DTRS has no police dept's listed in its DTRS my question is why do the database admin...
  6. dw2872

    Colorado Springs - Austin Bluffs site radio maintenance

    Just announced on the El Paso County Sheriffs Dispatch talk group... Radio maintenance will be working on the Austin Bluffs radio site (Zone 4, Site 16) from 9am to 2pm and there may be outages to the north of that site (for El Paso County Sheriffs they said that it would affect the Monument area).
  7. J


    Can I use the kenwood 280 to monitor woodland PD in CO and Colorado state patrol. So basically what I want to know is can I set up the 280 to work on p25 Colorado's DTRS?
  8. alex4659

    Gwinnett County DTRS

    Is GCPD and other county law enforcement agencies on this system yet? Because the DTRS in the database does not have any talk groups ID's for PD's, Just FD... But I know that GCPD has gone digital but dont know why the DTRS hasn't been updated? Could someone update it if possible please...
  9. D

    Mesa county countdown to dtrs

    I had a long talk with one of the primary officials on the conversion to DTRS for mesa county. Mesa County Sheriff has over 90 Hand-held units Grand Junction has over 200 Hand-held units on order there are units for all ambulances waiting to be programmed some of the smaller fire departments...