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durham trunk frequencies

  1. BCasto

    VIPER Statewide Radio System Discussion

    NCSHP Durham 771.68125 MHz P25 ?? Goofing around today I landed on 771.68125 MHz, which seems to be part of a P25 system maybe located in Durham with 771.13125, 771.40625, 772.38125. I haven't found the control channel. Voice traffic is flight watch air ambulance, NCSHP, and others. I live...
  2. BCasto

    Durham City / County

    Monitoring the Durham trunked system for the last 48 hours produced a list of a couple frequencies not listed in Radio Reference. Can anyone confirm or suggest how I may have picked up something in error? I was monitoring the control channel only on 2 different scanners: Uniden BCD996T and...