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  1. F

    Earthquake warning/monitoring frequencies

    Hello, I hope I am posting in the right forum, please let me know otherwise. My simple question is if there is any UHF or VHF frequency that broadcasts Earthquake or Tsunami warnings or monitors any activities. Something like the Youtube Live channels that monitor earthquakes and have a...
  2. vagrant

    Nepal HF net

    There is a primary net on 14.205 MHz and a secondary traffic net on 14.215 MHz. Both seem to be plagued at times with QRM. You can also monitor via http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ Update: Based on communication heard at 2100 hours GMT today, they will continue the net on 14.205 MHz and...
  3. M

    Earthquake in okc?

    Just felt another earthquake in south okc about 12:15. neighbors all felt it. havent heard anything on the scanner. did anyone else feel it?
  4. Matt93

    Another Earthquake in Morris County of Valentines Day

    Morris County was hit again by another earthquake Saturday 2/14/09 at 5:22pm. This was the second earthquake in 2 weeks that occurred in the area. The quake happened in Montville NJ and has felt by residents in Boonton Township and Kennelion NJ. The magnitude of this quake was 2.2
  5. hotdjdave

    Earthquake Prediction for February '09

    Between February 7, 2009 and February 21, 2009, in order of likelyhood: Bay Area, CA - 3.5 M to 6.5+ M Southern California Area, CA - 3.5 M - 6.5 M Oregeon/Washington Region - 3.5 M - 6.5 M Pacific Rim (Japan, etc) - 5.0 M - 7.0+ M
  6. brandon


    Just felt an earthquake here in Riverside County. USGS showing 5.0 near San Bernardino: http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/recenteqs/Quakes/ci10370141.htm