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  1. O

    Ebrcs - east & west zones same bank?

    Hi Will it work if I program the CC's of both CO CO East and West zones into the same TSYS? (trunk system) The West CC's are in the 800mHz range but the East are in the 700mHz range.. Thanks in advance
  2. WayneH

    EBRCS Question Thread

    The EBRCS Updates thread keeps getting off-topic chatter and I don't want to delete your posts. So please use this thread to ask questions or post observations not specific to new or changes for the system. How to program your scanner for the system is not a question about the system, it's a...
  3. kma371

    EBRCS Update

    Per EBRCS meeting mintues, the ETA for the entire system to be fully operational is December 2012. The plan is for the system to be brought up in Phases, with the first Phase, that includes the CoCo West Cell and the AlCo East Cell, operational at the end of 2011. AECOM has begun coverage...