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ef johnson

  1. W

    EF Johnson 5100 "Disabled"?

    I am attempting to program my 5100 but after programming and writing the radio, the radio displays "Disabled" on the p25 channels. the zone name pops up then goes straight to "Disabled". Has anyone seen this or know why this would be doing this? After research, it would appear that there is a...
  2. C

    EF Johnson 5300 not making sound when receiving

    I just finished installing my EF Johnson 5300 in my POV, and I've run into a problem. When the radio is receiving a transmission on any frequency, it doesn't seem to activate the speaker. The green light goes on indicating it is receiving, but no sound comes out of the radio. I know that the...
  3. Otis413

    EFJ Challenger info?

    I recently acquired two EF Johnson Challenger radios, a 7164 8ch 45W VHF model, and what appears to be a "Mix and Match" 7186, 99ch 15w UHF. I also found the software online. Info on these radios online seems to be a bit sparse, I found a little on Repeater Builders, some on CCDX.com and...
  4. B

    Madison Co. Indiana unified dispatch radio system quotes range from $12M to $20M

    ANDERSON – Madison County officials received two proposals Tuesday that will be considered for the purchase of a new radio dispatch system for all local law enforcement agencies. The Madison County Commissioners opened the three proposals for the new radio system, but one of the three didn’t...
  5. jerry092975

    Chester County Pa, EF Johnson Communications

    Sorry the Chester County Police Departments Audio Feed has been down for a good while, The reason being is the county did their Rebanding Project on the EF Johnson radio system and i didn't catch it in time to get the feed radio done, so it is being done right now but my good friend is having a...
  6. kd7kdc

    EFJohnson to Upgrade Communications Systems in Iowa and Sawyer Counties

    IRVING, Texas – September 26, 2011 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., one of the nation’s leading developers and manufacturers of mission critical communications technology for emergency responders, announced today that it will partner with Two-Way Communications and Pointon Communications to...
  7. H

    Help with EF Johnson 5100

    Does anyone know how to decipher this model number: 242-5172-810 YK5 It is 700/800 mhz and appears to maybe be the original 5100 series. I am trying to find out if it is digital, p25 and will work once all the rebanding is done in Indiana on the Hoosier Safe-T system. Any info will help...
  8. brian86

    EF Johnson 9842 Software

    I have come across some Johnson 9842 wide/narrow band radios that i would like to get programmed. I would like to own the software myself, so i ask where can i buy software from? ef johnson wants full list price for it. I am looking for a dealer or someone who is authorized to sell johnson...
  9. C

    EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. To Showcase New AMBE+2 1.6 Vocoder at IWCE

    Irving, TX – March 8, 2010 – EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFJI) announced today that it will showcase the new AMBE+2 1.6 vocoder at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) March 10 – 12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The AMBE+2 1.6 vocoder was adopted by the Project...