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  1. W

    EF Johnson 5100 "Disabled"?

    I am attempting to program my 5100 but after programming and writing the radio, the radio displays "Disabled" on the p25 channels. the zone name pops up then goes straight to "Disabled". Has anyone seen this or know why this would be doing this? After research, it would appear that there is a...
  2. R

    I have questions about LTR and a discriminator port

    In order to save money and avoid having to buy new EFJ equipment. Has anyone had success in monitoring an LTR system with the software found on RR and what scanner should I buy to add a port to? Any help is appreciated. In searching the RR database I found a very nice discriminator port added...
  3. wa8pyr

    Heath expects new radio system to back up county 911

    More on the problems with the new EFJ P25 products at Heatth, OH: Heath is working with Licking County to ensure its new radio system would work as a backup to the county's 911 call center. Heath Mayor Richard Waugh met with Licking County commissioners last week to discuss the city's new...