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  1. DylanMadigan

    Any software that reacts to DTMF

    I've been searching for software that can run certain actions when it detects specific DTMF sequences, I'm just not having any luck finding any. All I can find is a few programs that tell me what the code is, but that's all they do. If the software can do something as simple as send an email...
  2. R


    Guys apologies. I am trying to help out someone. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to send APRS message to EMAIL and SMS Here is what I do on my TH-D74 1. Turning on APRS12 by Bressing (F) + 5 2. Pressing 4 to go to message list menu 3. Pressing Menu->New 4. In "To:" filed I...
  3. F

    Two Tone Detect like functionality?

    Greetings, I'm not sure if it would have been best to post this question here, or in the Kenwood forum, but I figured I would start here. Recently, agencies in my area have switched from conventional systems to Kenwood NXDN. I've been listening to the NXDN traffic with fairly good results...
  4. C

    HELP - Feed Offline/Feed Online emails

    I am getting automated emails stating my feed is offline, probably 20 a day. Then, within a few minutes I receive another stating the feed in back online after I have made no changes or even been in the office to touch the computer. Feed was working fine up until a few days ago when we had a...
  5. S

    Cannot send email to classified ad

    I have joined as a premium member and cannot contact a classified ad email. ERROR: Only registered users can contact sellers. Please make sure you are logged in to the classifieds section so you can contact other users. If you are attempting to post an ad, note that only premium subscribers...
  6. n9mxq

    Notification emails..

    Has anyone else noticed the late notification emails? I'm getting emails from posts 3-4 days ago, today.. I know email can be kinda wonky sometimes, but this is the only forum that does it...
  7. davef3138

    Idea for feature - listener threshold alert

    There have been two incidents lately in my area where I (gasp!) didn't have any radios on to alert me that something was going on. More users than normal were connected to my feed in both instances. It would be a useful feature if feed admins could set a listener threshold, where when the...