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emergency communications

  1. S

    Internet over radio / Emergency Communications

    I'm interested in finding out more about how to use HAM to connect to the internet for Emergency Communications during a mass casualty event whereby the local internet connectivity is knocked out. Is there a forum here that deals with this? (I looked and didn't see such).
  2. vagrant

    Nepal HF net

    There is a primary net on 14.205 MHz and a secondary traffic net on 14.215 MHz. Both seem to be plagued at times with QRM. You can also monitor via http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ Update: Based on communication heard at 2100 hours GMT today, they will continue the net on 14.205 MHz and...
  3. R

    newton county paging tones

    why can't i get eany paging tones for newton county? i have asked the ema director but he said he couldnt release them to the public. is there a reason for that? i want to program some into my scanner. does anyone know where i can get them or how to? kinda flustered thanks for any info.
  4. C

    Emergency Communications system

    I am working as a new emergency services coordinator for my student co-op. We have about 20 houses spread about 1.5 miles apart between the furthest two houses in an urban area. We need to find an emergency radio set-up that doesn't require members to get licenses and doesn't cost a bundle. What...