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    Unknown Please Help ID

    I get these high frequencies at my residential house and have been tracking really high level of EMF 343 miligaus or more. I have seperated the audio by frequency and I don't hear any voice signal.
  2. D

    EMF Detector

    Hi, I just got an ElectroSensor EMF Detector because I live about 500 feet from large power lines and wanted to see if I could read anything in milligauss. When I use it, if I point it level, it typically reads 0. But if I point it up or down it goes up to 4. If I got to my 2nd floor, same...
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    what is EMF protection

    Hello to all, what is EMF protection please explain me.
  4. K

    Emf from neighbour's sollar panels

    Hello, I wonder whether there is anyone to help with emf emitted from neighbour's solar panels. After a long search, we have found a "dream come true" house for us. We were ready to put an offer on it when to our horror we found the next door neighbour having solar panels fitted to his roof...