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encrypted radio

  1. MedicDavid78

    South Florida Encryption!

    I want to post a news article here. Now even tho it is from Connecticut, we are starting to find that South Florida public safety departments are starting to switch to the trend of encrypting radio traffic more and more commonly now as new Systems are being switched to over the next year...
  2. matty909

    are you having problems scanning pomona police?

    To all that monitor pomona police: No your scanner is not having problems, pomona is using their orange (encrypted) channel as their temporary dispatch until all the radio are programmed because sadly blue 1 is becoming encrypted as we speak. The process should be finished some time this month...
  3. K

    Columbus Police Encryption

    The City of Columbus is now encrypting the Police Dispatch channels. As of July 10th Police Zone Channel 1 is now encrypted. Just a matter of time before the rest are. Citizens are no longer able to monitor Police service in their areas. I think everyone should complain to the Mayor of...
  4. V

    Not able to here taxis in my area

    Don't know if this is the right place to put this. I got a frequency for a local taxi Business but it seems scrambled all it sounds like is noise when ever their might be traffic. Can anyone help with this problem?
  5. M

    Highland County, FL - New Digital/Encrypted System To Go Online Wednesday

    Sebring, Florida - At 6:30am on Wednesday (September 4th) the Highlands County Sheriff Office will switch to a new digital and encrypted system. New digital public safety radio system goes online Wednesday (The News-Sun Newspaper) http://www.newssun.com/news/090113-new-radios