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  1. M

    Gift for my husband - getting started from scratch

    So folks, For my apologies, as this is probably the most basic, most boring thread to start and/or read. But I really need help. My husband has been talking about get a radio for a long time. He's aware that he needs training and a license. Can someone help answer my questions so I can...
  2. S

    Best Desktop Computer for Broadcasting

    With all the hardware and software in mind when starting out a station, what is your experience the best performing laptop? We're looking for 2 computers for 2 different functions with these specs: Transmission: -Core I3 processor -4GB RAM -500GB disc drive Production: -Core I5 -8 GB RAM...
  3. B

    Suggest New Digital Radio

    Hello, I am looking for a new device to work on 2m & 70cm bands. I have some restrictions due to which I will have to setup my antenna indoor. I am planning to go for Diamond X50A antenna, which I will keep indoor near window. Please suggest me new digital radio and let me know if this...
  4. bobmp26

    What sort of equipment do I need for my RTL-SDR dongles?

    Hello there I’ve just gotten into sdrs and I need to get a USB hub. is there a certain type of hub I need so that I can get all of sdrs plugged in? Also I need some sort of antenna splitter so that I can use my outdoor antenna on all of the sdrs instead of the cheap antennas they give out. And...
  5. KK4LQX

    1996 Ford F-150 Equipment Console

    Hello All, Do any of you guys know if anyone made a radio/equipment console for a 1996 Ford F-150? Obviously it will be used but trying to get an idea of where to start. Thanks in advance!
  6. A

    Scanning NYC public safety UHF in NYC (Manhattan) - recommended handheld and antenna?

    Greetings all, I've been using an old, conventional, non-trunking Radio Shack scanner with rubber rubber ducky and telescoping antennae, mainly to listen to SOD and traffic for newsgathering purposes. In low-RF areas, it works fine, and I like being able to make adjustments on the fly. In...
  7. J

    Legal to use transceiver in receive mode only?

    Hi All, I'm studying to get my Canadian Basic license. I have a question regarding what equipment I can buy and use utill then. I found the following Q/A at the RAC site. Unfortunately it's not very clear Here is the question and answer: Q - I want to be a ham and I found the perfect radio at...
  8. C

    Needing a hosting website

    Yesterday I found out that the person who has been running our scanner feed in town is calling it quits after 10 years. There have been a lot of posts from people saying that they do not want the site to go. I have decided to take over and host the feed, but the only problem is, I am not...
  9. A

    2006 Impala ignition wiring

    I have a 2006 Chevy Impala LS civilian package and I am trying to wire a Motorola CDM1250 radio, FT-90R, and a GPS to the ignition. Does anyone know where I can "tap" into the fuse panel with fuse taps? I want everything to turn on with the ignition. PLEASE HELP!!
  10. havasuking

    Need help with CHP scanning equipment

    Hey guys and gals, I just joined the group today. I apologize if this topic has been covered before, but I am a total amateur when it comes to knowing the proper equipment for my needs. I do quite a bit of driving on the desert highways patrolled by CHP (California Highway Patrol) aircraft...