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erie county

  1. 2

    Erie County, Ohio Siren Activation Frequency

    Does anybody know the activation frequency for Erie County? I monitored the County Fire Channel and the Sheriff Dispatch, and no activation tones. Does anybody know the frequency? Thanks!
  2. dillpickle83

    Erie County (PA) FreeScan File

    Here is my freescan file for Erie County, PA. All FIRE,EMS,POLICE,SHERIFF,PRISON STATE PARK OPS & HAM. Hopefully it will fast track someone to programming there scanner, or an add on to someone maybe visiting or traveling through. -Dill
  3. V

    Southern Erie County & Erie County Sheriff, Lancaster Police, Fire, and Mercy Flight

    Southern Erie County & Erie County Sheriff, Lancaster Police, Fire, and Mercy Flight Have been down for about a couple of weeks now. Did they stop airing permanently or is it just technical difficulties on their parts. I live in Southern Erie County and that feed is very helpful to me...
  4. D

    Erie County/Hamburg NY (scanner upgrade and frequency questions)

    First, here is my original thread in the new members section, which gives a little background into what's shaking. With the recent weather we're having, I tried plugging in all of the signals on the Erie County reference page here (many of which were already in the memory but a few new/slightly...