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  1. iz0kvz

    Proposal for the Uniden Scanner European Users Discussion (USEUD)

    Hi All, I'm Tony, an Italian Amateur Radio Operator, my callsign is IZ0KVZ and I want to propose to create a forum section dedicated to all European users. I'm interested in short waves' listening and I bought a UBCD-3600xlt scanner on last november. It was very difficult to me to start...
  2. E

    UBCD-3600XLT vs BCD436HP

    Hello, I'm looking at a scanner that can handle DMR, and would like it to handle Tier III and Capacity Plus as well. I can see that the 436HP has recently had an update that fixes some capacity plus issues, but that update doesn't seem to be available for the 3600XLT. It seems uncertain...
  3. S

    I am in the UK for a week zero scanner traffic?

    I am in the UK for business I was able to bring my G5 and the BCD436HP.. Public Safety in such a large city is silent. Zero police or fire traffic. I hear air planes and some trains lol... Thats it??? South east London is my location.
  4. M

    8.33 kHz AM airband in Europe

    Being in the UK, I would like to be able to properly receive 8.33 kHz AM transmissions as used in the civil airband across Europe. Although a number of Uniden scanners provide an 8.33 kHz tuning step, is is clear that the bandwidth remains about 25 kHz so you can potentially hear three channels...
  5. jasejoSK

    New scanners coming in December?

    Hello everyone, greetings from Europe, Slovakia. I'm new to the area of scanners, not owning single one yet. Finally, decided to buy one a few months ago so done quite a lot of research about scanners and radio systems and so on. There are not many digital networks in my area to listen to...
  6. C

    European VHF LB stations.

    Hi there, I'm lokking for informations about VHF LB stations. I found these on last few days: 32,0000 PL=218,1Hz 34,1625 PL=71,9Hz, 82,5Hz 34,2875 PL=94,8Hz 34,4000 PL=127,3Hz 34,7625 PL=71,9Hz 34,825 PL=82,5Hz Few of these sound like hungarian dispatch but I'm not sure. If someone knows please...