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external speaker

  1. H

    Which CB Radio External Speaker to buy?

    Which CB Radio External Speaker to buy? This would be for a small compact car, not a big Trucker Cab. So many to choose from but sounds like noise cancelling feature would be nice to have. MFJ-281 Cleartone, Workman 714 astic, Cobra HG S300, Astic 302-VS4, Uniden Bearcat BC7 or BC15, RoadPro...
  2. A

    nx-800 dual speaker audio

    i have a nx-800 uhf. trying to get audio from both the internal speaker and an external speaker mounted on the pump panel outside of the truck. plugging the external into the unit disables the internal. any ideas on how to get this to work?
  3. qc

    BCD536HP: Motorola External Speaker Help

    HI, I wanted to find out if I can use Motorola External Speaker for my BCD536HP I found this Thread http://forums.radioreference.com/uniden-tech-support/284238-bcd536hp-external-speaker-connection-considerations-precautions.html and I don't want to damage my BCD536HP I know the back SP...
  4. R

    Small Speaker Mod - THANKS!

    I picked up a small $7.00 Uniden non amplified speaker to use in the car with an old Pro -164. When I plugged it in the volume was way too low to use in the car. I figured I'd need an amplified speaker. But in the meantime I poked around RR and found a previous post with a fantastic solution...
  5. J

    getting audio from an XTS 5000R

    I represent the EMS union in a major american city. due to a problem with deeply entrenched corruption & incompetence in the city mgt. we need to be able to record all radio traffic on the EMS channel 24/7 with time stamp. ok TMI, but it's background. We have the computer & we're pretty sure we...