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  1. R

    F5061 or F6061

    Hello, I use a mobile radio at work icom either F5061 or F6061 I'm not exactly sure which one I dot have access to the label it's installed in te vehicle. My problem is periodically I cannot transmit and it says "Failed E213." I have tried looking up what this error is but cannot find any...
  2. S

    Icom IC-F5061 Horn Honk

    I am trying to find out if anyone has ever tried setting up an IC-F5061 to do horn honk via DTMF decoding, if someone could please assist it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. C

    Icom D-sub 25pin

    I have a F5061 with a handy 25-pin dsub connector on the back. I know Icom sells a GPS unit that plugs into it, but I cannot find any documentation on the pinout for that connector. I think one of the pins is a dimmer and I would like to use that. If anyone has used this connector or can point...
  4. A

    Driver Problems

    Hey everyone.. I am having an extremely difficult time connecting to my radios. I have the mobile F5061 and the handheld F3161S. These both use the same driver and same program. I already had it set up at one time, it took me dozens of different tries, but I eventually got it to work on both...