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  1. E


    would anybody happen to know the main frequencies for the oregon fib and/or dhs. thanks
  2. mcjones2013

    173.45 $167 Encrypted Downtown Sacramento

    At around 3:10pm today I was scanning the Federal VHF and UHF ranges (1/27/2015) and I received and am still receiving encrypted traffic on 173.4500 with a NAC of $167. Based on that NAC I'm going to assume it's FBI traffic of some sort, but I could be wrong. I'll keep on monitoring it and see...
  3. hanklane

    New England 25-City Federal Radio System

    I recently transcribed a recorded rollcall on 168.1125 nbfm (NAC68F) of the New England Federal 25-City Comm Center System. The rollcall was conducted by "FBI Boston Central". The agencies participating in the rollcall are listed below. Each numbered (my numbers) agency is listed as it was...
  4. Hooligan

    Former FBI agent writes about his days in the Detroit Special Operations Group

    Thanks to a private radio discussion list, I recently came across this article by a former FBI agent about his days in the Detroit area, assigned to a very special squad: Retired Ann Arbor FBI agent recalls taking infamous photo of a Mafia meeting in the Dexter area The above article has...
  5. BuiltonAsus

    Hutaree Broadcast

    Hopefully this doesn't fuel the fire for encryption for the Washtenaw Co. area. Radio station broadcast Washtenaw Sheriff's Department communications during Hutaree raids - AnnArbor.com