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fcc license

  1. T

    How to get paper license

    I passed my tech. exam a while back and I got my FRN number with password in the mail. I was wondering when I would get a physical copy of the license itself. From what I have been told, the FCC might not actually send these out anymore unless one asks them to. Is that correct? If so, how can I...
  2. K

    FCC Commercial License (PG) approval question

    I'm new to the forum, so forgive me if this post has reached the wrong neighborhood. However, in the next couple of days I'll be taking my General Radiotelephone Operators License exams, elements 1 & 3. Obtaining this license will allow me to apply for a promotion at my current job, but my...
  3. H

    What FCC Service would apply to this application?

    Hello All, I work for a company developing a short range radar for a drone helicopter. We plan to do airborne testing of the radar by flying aircraft targets in the vicinity of the helicopter, then comparing GPS coordinates with radar measurements. To do that, we plan to datalink the...
  4. B

    FCC/Motorola License

    I work for a fire dept. and we are currently looking into legally purchasing some programming equipment. What I am trying to find out is, do you have to have some sort of an FCC license to program fire dept. radios. I do understand that you have to sign a licensing agreement with motorola...
  5. blantonl

    RadioReference.com Releases New FCC Database Features

    RadioReference is pleased to announce new FCC database features: 1. Licenses for Aircraft Base, Marine Base, and Broadcast. 2. New filters for Aircraft Base, Marine Base, and Broadcast Licenses. 3. Addition of Column for FCC License Status for County Listings. 4. FCC County License Display...