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feed problems

  1. X

    Santa Clara down or just me? Feed: "County Sheriff, Police, Fire, CHP, and CAL FIRE"

    Feed is looping 10 second clip I was listening to a feed and it’s just repeating itself. Is there a way to report it as OFFLINE even if it’s not technically offline it’s just broken?
  2. Blind_Shadow

    Feed Not Broacasting

    I was informed that one of my feeds was not broadcasting. My system , not the feed one, has corrupted and I have spent the past 3 days fixing and installing new software, etc. Today I have been trying to figure out what is going on. I am running RadioFeed and have so from almost the beginning...
  3. H

    Feed Keeps droping every few minutes please help

    Hello, So I’m not going to lie I'm new to broadcasting and to RR. So any help would be great! What happens is my feed goes down every few minutes then reconnects. Then 3 minutes later goes out again. I have a dedicated computer with windows xp pro, net framework 2 and scannercast v0.14...
  4. G

    Fairfax County, VA Police Dept. Feed

    Something really bad happened to this feed about 3-4 weeks ago. Between calls, there is often very LOUD static, such that it becomes necessary to turn down volume. This is unfortunate because I liked to turn on that feed and leave it. Now I have to actively monitor and be prepared to turn down...