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  1. J

    Adaptive Filtering

    Hi, Has anyone ever written any adaptive filtering method to enhance the sigal quality (or filter the the required part, reduce the interference) captured from any device on a third party environment like octave e.t.c. ? Thx, WR
  2. Andy3

    Homebrew 850 MHz filter.

    A new phone mast was erected just down the road recently, and now they've turned the darned thing on. One of my interests is eavesdropping on what people are doing with their wireless mics, headphones and other low-power links in the UK allocation around 860 MHz, but my AR-DV1 receiver is not...
  3. SlipNutz15

    Low-Pass Filter for scanner feeds

    I notice that when anyone talks on my feeds there is a noticeable PL hum associated with it. I understand that there are low-pass filters that can be put in place to eliminate the hum. Please verify (or correct me if I'm wrong) that a low-pass filter cuts out any audio below a certain...
  4. B

    Filter a trunked system

    I have several older analog scanners, but wish to get a newer digital trunking scanner. I'm currently eyeing the Uniden BCD436HP. From looking at the regional system in use in our county: Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS) Trunking System, Hamilton, Ohio - Scanner...
  5. M

    PAR FM Broadcast Filter with PSR-600

    I was getting fuzzy audio in the background on most 2m ham and 155 mHz police transmissions from a 50,000 watt fm broadcaster around 10 miles away. I bought a PAR fm filter from Grove, and the difference in receive sensitivity has been amazing. The distorted audio has disappeared, and signal...
  6. D

    Radio hum

    My feed has a hum on it, when I have it disconnected from the computer and just listening to the scanner there is no hum but make the connection to the computer and I pick up a hum. Is there a filter that can be bought from radio shack or online that anyone may know about that could be place...
  7. D

    Using DSP Filtering on VHF/UHF

    Greetings All, Would use of a DSP filtering unit (such as a Timewave DSP-599zx or similar) greatly improve the attributes of a wideband receiver/scanner? (in my case an IC-R7100). Is there an added benefit of dsp when tuning into digital modes when using codes such as UniTrunker? Thanking all...