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fire codes

  1. B

    Pro-106: Manually putting just a few frequencies in my scanner

    I would like to just put a few frequencies in my scanner from my city but am having trouble, i don't have money to buy a subscription so it downloads it to my scanner for me so im trying to do it manually. could someone "dumb" it down for me? i have all the talkgroup numbers i want to install...
  2. M

    Getting Minitor 5 programmed....where?

    I have recently accepted a position as a photojournalist for the midcoast region and I want to get my Minitor 5 programmed professionally for the various fire services. I have scoured the internet and cannot find a local provider of such services. Does anyone know where I could go to have this...
  3. NFR85

    Newark NJ Fire 10 Codes

    I tried google and looked on RR Wiki and could not find Newark’s 10 Codes (Signals that the fire dept uses. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  4. T

    Greenfield Fire Tone-out codes

    Does anyone know the greenfield fire tone-out codes? I cant find them where i work, or havent found the right person to ask and i need my pager to be working.....
  5. B

    What kind of scanner do I need for James Island Fire?

    Hi everyone! I'm completely new to the world of scanners and need help. My boyfriend is starting as a James Island Firefighter and I need to buy a scanner. I have NO idea what kind to get, where to get it, how to use it, etc. I have been reading your threads on here but I'm afraid I still need...
  6. spop

    Forestdale Fire District in Jefferson County

    I have not heard anything on frequency 154.160 in about two months. Does anybody have the new frequency for Forestdale Fire?
  7. J

    Codes for Fall River Police and Fire

    I started listening a couple of weeks ago to ScanAmerica and was listening to the Fall River Police and fire channel. There use to be an option from there page that had the towns codes. I do not see that option anymore. Would anyone have a copy of them?