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fire department

  1. akafnulnu

    Springfield Fire

    Have been getting interference on Springfield Fire 154.175. Anyone else? I have an APX and an XTL and receive on both. Any suggestions???
  2. w2lie

    Seaford FD Dispatch to swap input/output on 1/7/19

    I've been told that Seaford Fire District will be swapping their input/output frequencies to align with the common input/output pairs. Instead of listening to Seaford FD on 458.2875 (which should be an input frequency), you will be able to hear them on 453.2875. I'm not sure why they are...
  3. D

    Hilton head island

    FIRE TONE OUT! My dad was apart of the volunteer fire department in the 90s on the island and I am curious to find the fire tone outs of the area. I want to find out if they are the same or changed with time. He was MEDIC 1. I cant find find this info online. thank you Hilton Head island...
  4. N2SCV

    NJUTAC 4

    Anyone know what fire department is using NJUTAC 4 - 470.2375 with a pl of 186.2 around Union County? Nothing in db and searching the forums only gets me Orange FD but with a different pl (posted in October this year). Thanks.
  5. R

    Maple Ridge Fire Dept. Frequency

    Hey everyone, The other night, I was listening on my scanner to the Maple Ridge, BC Fire Department on 410.11250, I herd them responding to a call, but then I herd them telling the dispatcher that the units at the scene would be switching to the VHF channel for further communication while at the...
  6. F

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC HELP PLEASE Hopefully this is the right place to put this... My department recently took delivery of a 2015 Dodge pickup chassis Braun ambulance, which came with a RAM mount for our MDC (Mobile Data Computer). After having it installed by a local up...
  7. S

    Evansville IN tornado 2005

    Does anybody have 911 recordings from Vanderburgh county dispatch during the Nov 6, 2005 tornado? I am looking for early dispatches for a class I am putting together for fire dept. training
  8. E

    Sacramento FD Traffic

    Anyone here know if Sac recently upgraded any repeater sites or other radio equipment? Tonight, I've been picking up a few of their transmissions, yet I live in the SF Bay Area. One of their frequencies does match one I have programed into my radio but the PLL tones are completely different.
  9. SCPD

    Types of Frequencies and Talkgroups

    I was looking at my local counties talkgroups and frequencies. I saw that they were mostly analog talkgroups. I was looking at another county's list of talkgroups and frequencies and saw that they were digital talkgroups. So here is my real question: What is the difference in an "analog...
  10. W

    Avondale Fire Dept.

    New to the Avondale area and was wondering if anyone knew what TG or Frequency Avondale Fire Dept was using currently? Thank You Robert WA6IJD
  11. cookandcamera

    Subase New London P25 question

    Does anyone know which TG is used as the SBFD's dispatch/primary ops? Right now I have most traffic on 27828 (listed as Fire1 on Scan NE) even though the radio reference page has the dispatch TG as 27838. Anyone know for certain?
  12. B

    Mecklenburg County Fire Radio Thread

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the Mecklenburg County Fire Radio Thread...the only discussion allowed in this thread is of communications around the Mecklenburg County area....any off topic posts will be deleted and I reserve the right to un-sticky and lock this thread if I find it to be a waste...
  13. F

    Birmingham Fire Department monitoring

    I would like to monitor Birmingham Fire & Rescue but I do not have their frequencies. I know they transmit on a 800mhz freq but I have heard they also dispatch on an analog channel as well. Does anyone have the frequencies or tell me how I could monitor the BFD? Thanks for any help!
  14. KC9WWJ

    Hancock County Fire-EMS

    Today i was just doing the usual, relaxing on the back porch listening to the scanner, and i came across something that i found to be quite interesting. I was listening to the Fire-EMS for Hancock county, but i also had a scanlist turned on which "Walkie Talkie" frequencies are programmed...
  15. M

    Minitor Tones Decoder

    Would it be possible if i sent an audio clip of my pager paging and you could give me the information such as the type of tone, how long, etc stuff like that it would be very helpful
  16. AYoung2600

    Portable Radio Recommendation

    I'm looking to purchase a new portable radio and am looking for the best option. This radio will mainly be used for fire department use but will also be used as a scanner. I would like a radio that the programming software is easily obtained so that I can program it whenever I would like. By...
  17. fwfdengine2

    Chaska Fire

    Does Chaska Fire page on 154.100 [136.5]? Also, are they career or volunteer? Thanks fwfdengine2
  18. fwfdengine2

    Eden Prairie, MN Fire Department Feed

    Is anyone interested in hosting an Eden Prairie, MN Fire Department online scanner feed. I would like for this feed to be strictly EPFD. Containing dispatch and operations channels. I have the frequencies and TGID's if needed. My brother is an Eden Prairie Firefighter and my home scanners are...
  19. K

    who is responsible?

    Our fire department is paged thru the county sheriffs department dispatch center. If there is a problem with radio coverage in certain areas, who is responsible for correcting the problem as well as the cost for fixing it? Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
  20. B

    Detroit house fire

    Detroit Firefighters responded to a fully involved house fire at Holden & Commonwealth. The fire was brought under control within 1 hour and the house was a complete loss. Due to heavy fire conditions in the attic and 2nd floor, firefighters were required to take a defensive approach. You can...